Welder Testing & Training

We offer advice on the appropriate test or tests that an individual may need to take to satisfy customers needs and for companies not having their own welding procedures we test to one the wide range of procedures within our own portfolio.


We arrange all post weld non and destructive testing as required, liase with additional third party witnesses as may be involved and issue final certification in accordance with the appropriate standard.


Training can be a vital part of success in taking a welding test. Many of the welders we test are fully experienced, had proper training, are in regular employment as a welder and therefore able to pass the appropriate test without any further training or practice.


However there are many welders working in industry that may never have had formal training in a particular process or indeed welding in general. Many will have picked up what they can from work colleagues, gained experience from trial and error picking up bad habits along the way. Any training that might have been given may have been very poor.


Consequently many of the candidates we see need some help.


We do not run training courses as such. Courses work very well when you are starting from scratch with a “blank canvass” so to speak but when you are dealing with individuals that may have considerable “experience” very often it is not so much a question of training but of “enhancement”.


The way we like to operate is to observe each welder and then give advice and assistance appropriate to each individual. This may take 20 minutes or several hours. We may suggest that after instruction the welder goes away to practice what he has been shown and come back at a later date when he is confident of passing the test. If in our opinion a candidate is clearly not going to reach the standard we will make that honest judgement and suggest a way forward, which might be to take up another career. Hopefully it never comes to that!!


To avoid the potential conflict of interest, personnel carrying out the training are never the same as those monitoring the approval testing..


Generally we test in accordance with the following standards


BS 4872: Testing when no qualified procedure is available.  (A less onerous test )


BS EN 287– 2011: European standard for Welder Qualification Testing.


BS EN ISO 9606 Welder Qualification Testing


ASME IX : American standard for Welding  Procedure Testing and Welder Qualification Testing


Third party witnessing can be by our own qualified staff or by an alternative accredited witness as may be required by the customer.

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